It's time to keep re-sellers & leakers outside of your community.

Stop The Resellers is a multi-purpose bot keeping re-sellers / leakers outside of your discord community
Also features reports, automatic fetches, alt protection, logging and much more!

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Blacklisted Users


We keep re-sellers & leakers outside of your server
Automatic Fetches

The bot fetches the blacklisted users every hour, this is done to make sure all of the blacklisted users gets banned

Report System

Anyone can report a user. We have a entire staffteam going through reports actively. To submit a report, head to the dashboard and click on the report tab.

Auto Verification

Enable auto verify and force new members to verify themselves, by this you can see if they're in leaking servers or not.


Let the bot log every action it does for you so you can have full control.

URL Blacklister

The URL Blacklister actively checks if users are posting any scam link, if so, it immediatly deletes it.

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